Van Beek & Dings

Fabrics Classical 1

  • Ralph Lauren
    Ralph Lauren: A brand who has a lot of beautiful classic modern patterns and uni fabrics
  • Etro
    Etro: An Italian fabric weaver. Is known for its beautiful fashion line. Is recognisable because of its rich paisleys, Italian colours, flowers and other prints
  • Luigi Bevilacqua
    Luigi Bevilacqua: A family business, founded in 1700, stays in a palazzo at Venetia, they still use the 18th-cemtury looms, a range of the fabrics are hand produced
  • Tassinari & Chatel
    Tassinari & Chatel: Silk weavers of Lyon with a reputation for more than three centuries
  • Prelle
    The oldest silk furnishing fabric weaving mill in Lyon which already had a reputation in 1752. It has woven silk cloth for palaces and castles such as Versailles and the Louvre.
  • Dauphine
    Dauphine: Traditional hand printed fabrics from the past combined with modern techniques